Limestone Pavers in Heathridge

Here’s a nice little do it yourself job with limestone pavers in Heathridge.

Paul and Jade were looking to improve the look of their garden to give them a nice quiet area to relax in.

They wanted a maintenance free and clean look.

Our limestone pavers at Reading Stone offered the exact look they were hoping to achieve.

FullSizeR Limestone Pavers in Heathridge

At Reading Stone we are there for you every step of the way. Customer service is our top priority.

The slabs that we use are all digitally weighed and treated with water proofing agents as part of our quality control procedures. They are suitable for driveways, pool areas and patios, as well as paths that lead from one part of your home to another. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the nature of the stone ensures that it remains cool through the day, unlike concrete and clay alternatives.

As an independent firm we are able to act swiftly to correct any problems in the manufacturing process and all limestone paving is tested by a third party.

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